Digital security

Horizontal provides digital security support to individuals and groups facing high risks of surveillance, censorship, and repression. Our work includes:

  • Skill building workshops
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Rapid assistance
  • Organizational policy drafting

All of Horizontal’s digital security work is based on a ‘harm reduction’ approach, which treats digital security as a process. Rather than a set of specific solutions—software and hardware—digital secur​ity is a set of habits and behaviors. There is no such thing as being 100 percent safe online; but one can always adopt better digital habits, achieve better privacy and security. All Horizontal programs and activities therefore aim to steer individual participants and beneficiary organizations towards better digital hygiene and processes that best protect their safety and their work.

A typical workshop aims to build participant skills to:‌

  • understand what digital security is and the most important digital security concepts (encryption, phishing, etc)
  • conduct a threat assessment at the individual or organizational level
  • understand and mitigate the privacy risks of online platforms and social networks
  • secure online accounts from unauthorized access and data leaks
  • use a number of secure tools, including to secure communication and data
  • understand and mitigate the risks inherent to mobile devices

More specialized workshops may focus on digital security needs for:‌

  • Operating in the midst of a partial or complete internet shutdown, or with limited internet connectivity
  • Specific needs, such as journalism, documentation, or advocacy campaigns