Tella – Document & Protect

Tella is a documentation app for Android.

Specifically designed to protect users in repressive environments, it is used by activists, journalists, and civil society groups to document human rights violations, corruption, or electoral fraud. Tella encrypts and hides sensitive material on your device, and quickly deletes it in emergency situations; and groups and organizations can deploy it among their members to collect data for research, advocacy, or legal proceedings.

Download Tella for Android

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This video presents Tella’s main features:

Tella has three main objectives:‌

  • Protecting users who engage in documentation from physical and digital repression
  • Protecting the data they collect from censorship, tampering, interception, and destruction
  • Empowering individuals and groups to easily, quickly, and effectively collect data and produce high quality documentation that can be used for research, advocacy, or transitional justice

Read more about Tella’s features and deployments here.

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