Covid Diary

Track your symptoms securely. Make it easy on your healthcare providers.

Covid Diary is a simple, privacy-conscious app to help users keep a record of their Covid-19 symptoms or those of a loved one. Answer a few quick questions every day, observe changes in your conditions over time, and have a clear record to share with a healthcare providers when needed.

Keep a record

It’s hard enough remembering what day it is, let alone changes in your symptoms when you’re not feeling well. Covid Diary helps you monitor your condition so you can share accurate information with healthcare providers.

Easy to use

All you have to do is answer a few quick questions daily. You can also create separate profiles for your loved ones, all on the same phone.

Data privacy

Your data is safely yours, stored locally on your phone. We do not have access to any of your information, so we don’t have any data to share with governments or corporations.

Frequenly Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who created the app?

Covid Diary is developed by Horizontal. We usually develop technology for frontline defenders, activists and journalists, but decided to develop Covid Diary to contribute to the fight against Covid-19.

The original idea came from Sarah Aoun: in late March, she created a spreadsheet to help those experiencing Covid-19 symptoms keep track of their condition. Horizontal stumbled on the spreadsheet and decided to make an app to make it as easy as possible, for as many people as possible, to track their symptoms and share them with their healthcare providers when needed.

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2. How is this app different from the other Covid-19 apps available?

Covid Diary does not aim at tracking who has Covid-19 and reporting it to the government.

We simply help users keep a record of their symptoms to track their condition and, if needed, easily share it with their doctor, healthcare provider, or test administrators.

3. Does the app tell me if I definitely have Covid-19, or if I should go to the doctor?

No. Covid Diary is simply an app to record and monitor your symptoms day-to-day. It does not advise you on your condition or whether you should seek medical attention.

4. What does data privacy look like?

All the data you enter into Covid Diary stays on your phone. We don’t have access to any of your symptom information, or your identity, or anything else. You can see our full privacy policy here.

5. What languages is the app available in?

Currently, Covid Diary is in English, and we are working on translations into other languages. If you would like to contribute as a translator, please email with the title “Covid Diary translation.”

6. Is the app open source?

Yes. The code for Covid Diary is publicly available here on GitHub.

7. I have questions or feedback related to the app. Who can I contact?

We’d love to hear from you! You can contact us via email at If you’re a developer, you can submit an issue or contribute to the code on our Github repository.