Case study: How Tella helped monitor the 2019 Nigerian Elections

In this post, we want to share how one of our partners, CLEEN Foundation, has been using Tella. CLEEN first deployed Tella in February and March 2019 to monitor the behavior of Nigerian security forces during the country’s General Elections. With predictions of militarization and violence of the electoral process, monitoring was critical. Using Tella,Continue reading “Case study: How Tella helped monitor the 2019 Nigerian Elections”

Our vision for Tella

It’s been just over six months since we released Tella, our app for journalists, activists, and human rights defenders. As a non-profit, community-oriented project, we thought we’d start sharing updates on the latest developments and the issues we’re grappling with. Here, we’ll talk about the vision for Tella and the long-term direction that we’re taking. This developed out ofContinue reading “Our vision for Tella”