Technology for rights and justice

Horizontal is a nonprofit organization serving frontline defenders, activists and journalists through digital security support and tool development. We leverage technology to empower grassroots communities to work safely from surveillance, censorship and repression.

Digital security

Horizontal provides digital security support to individuals, groups, and organizations facing high risks of surveillance and repression. We provide training workshops, coaching and mentoring, and organizational support with an emphasis on long-term support.

Tool development

Horizontal works with partners to develop digital tools and apps that promote rights, freedom, and justice. Whether it’s to protect rights defenders, promote citizen participation, or enable access to information, we create technology to open spaces and empower.

Tella: Document & Protect

Tella is a mobile app for activists and journalists.

In challenging environments–with limited or no internet connectivity or in the face of repression–Tella makes it easier and safer to document events, whether that’s violence, human rights violations, corruption, or electoral fraud.

Our values


We strive for collective decision-making and collaboration rather than hierarchy and competition— both in our internal processes and in our work with our partners.


We engage directly with the communities we seek to serve, actively listen to their wants and needs, and work collaboratively with them to address those needs.


We work to ensure that every facet of our work positively impacts our world. We think critically and intentionally about our social and environmental footprint, in both program design and internal operations.


We believe that sharing and collaboration are most effective to fulfill our mission. We support, advocate for, and develop tools and material that are open-source and free to reuse, modify and publish.